Coyne Sports Injury Clinic


Who is our rehabilitation service for?

Our rehabilitation service is designed for any client or patient who is suffering from chronic or acute injuries to muscles, ligaments, tendons or nerves.

What type of conditions are our rehabilitation treatments good for?

Our rehabilitation service has been used with great success for:

Shoulder injuries (e.g. frozen shoulder, rotator cuff tendonitis),
Knee pain (e.g. meniscus tears, ITB syndrome, patellar tendonitis),
Back pain (e.g. disc irritation, nerve pain),
Elbow injuries (e.g. tennis elbow, golfers elbow),
Neck & jaw pain (e.g. TMJ, nerve pain, rotation pain)
These are only some of the conditions that we have treated successfully. If your injury or pain involves muscles, ligaments, nerves or tendons we can improve your condition. Also if your injury is sporting related (i.e. knee pain while running), we can also dramatically improve your condition.



Who is our Athletic Performance service for?

Our Athletic Performance service is designed for any professional or recreational athlete (“weekend warrior”) who wants to improve their performance in their chosen sport. Our coaches are all university qualified and hold accreditation with a number of organisations including the Australian Strength & Conditioning Association, Poliquin International Certification Program, Functional Movement Screen and Crossfit.

What is Group Exercise Physiology for Athletes?

Group exercise physiology training is a strength and flexibility training program that is tailored to your athletic needs. It normally involves up to four trainees per exercise physiologist or strength & conditioning (S&C) coach. The exercise physiologist or S&C coach supervising you makes sure your form, tempo (exercise speed of execution), amount of weight used, rest periods and technique are all correct. They also ensure that you are training at the appropriate intensity for your level of training, specific needs and experience



Who is our Consultancy service for?

Our Consultancy service is perfect for any sporting club (professional/amateur) or individual athlete that wants to improve their performance. It is also extremely beneficial for strength & conditioning coaches, personal trainers and exercise physiologists who want advice on how to excel in their chosen field. With Joseph lecturing at and attending numerous national and international conferences/courses (e.g. Filex Conference (AU), ASCA Conference and Level One & Two Courses (AU), UKSCA Conference (UK), Fitex Conference (NZ)) along with being invited to inspect many sporting organisations (e.g. England Institute of Sport, Sydney Roosters, Sydney Swans, Auckland Blues) over the last 5 years, he has been at the forefront of rehabilitation and strength & conditioning theory and practice. As such Joseph can assist current sporting club staff or individual athletes in a number of roles to enhance the clubs or individual athletes outcomes.

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