Our athletic performance service is designed for any professional or recreational athlete (“weekend warrior”) who wants to improve their performance in their chosen sport. Our coaches are all university qualified and hold accreditation with a number of organisations including the Australian Strength & Conditioning Association, Poliquin International Certification Program, Functional Movement Screen and Crossfit.

Our personal training for athletes is a strength and flexibility training program that is tailored to your athletic needs. The trainer, exercise physiologist or S&C coach supervising you makes sure your form, tempo (exercise speed of execution), amount of weight used, rest periods and technique are all correct. They also ensure that you are training at the appropriate intensity for your level of training, specific needs and experience Because strength, conditioning and flexibility play such a massive part in athletic performance, it is highly recommended that you complete at least 12 weeks of personal training tailored to your sport with us. By completing this training, your athletic strength, speed and fitness will all be greatly enhanced. Not only this but your risk of injury will also decrease.


Our CrossFit Caesar training squad is a lower budget alternative to the group exercise physiology sessions.  It combines elements of conditioning, Olympic lifting, strongman training, and gymnastics.  The only differences between personal training and the Crossfit training squad is that your program is not individualized and all CrossFit squad members work from a varied program each day.  Although it is a great general strength & conditioning program for the general population, some athletes may need a more targeted approach.  There are also more trainees in the squad sessions.  If you want to investigate the lower budget alternative, please visit the CrossFit Caesar website.

Your training program is designed by Joseph & our team based on your Functional Movement Screen (FMS) and your current athletic needs, risk of injury, the sport you play, your experience and your schedule.  All exercises and training program variables are research based, have a more than acceptable reward to risk ratio and are ethically appropriate for us to have you complete.  We may also use other clinical and orthopedic tests and screens (e.g. Selective Functional Movement Screen (SFMA), structural balance tests, Y Balance Test) to identify risks that you may not even know about that will imped your training, cause injury and harm your progress.  Our training programs normally lasts 4 weeks and you could complete 3 of those in a 12 week block.

  • The Functional Movement Screen For Athletes

fms1 The Functional Movement Screen (FMS) is a series of 7 functional movements that is a ranking and grading system for your movement.  Each movement is assessed out of a possible score of 3 with a total score being given out of 21.  The scoring system is directly linked to the most beneficial corrective exercises to restore mechanically sound movement patterns and prevent injury. This score is also used to target problems and track progress.  Research shows us that if you score below a certain amount or if you have asymmetries (differences) between limbs; you will be at far greater risk of injury and your athletic progress will be handicapped.  The FMS gives us valuable information about your movement quality, how other non-painful joints may be affecting your movement (which may cause injury) and what will need to be prioritized in your training.  We monitor your FMS score to track progress and to identify those exercises that will be most effective to restore proper movement and build strength.

Our athletic performance programs have worked for world champions, countless state representatives and numerous professional athletes.  In fact, it has worked for all of the athletes below across a number of sports:

  • Queensland, Australian & Olympian swimmers;
  • Queensland, Australian, professional and world champion surf life saving Iron Men;
  • World champion Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu fighters;
  • World champion Tae-Kwon-Doe fighters;
  • World champion beach sprinters;
  • ITU professional & junior world champion triathletes;
  • International representative & professional Super Rugby players;
  • ASP WQS/WCT professional surfers;
  • Gold Coast, Queensland & Australian representative junior tennis players;
  • International representative Touch Football players;
  • Members of the Gold Coast Titans Under 20s rugby league team;
  • Members of the Gold Coast Titans NRL rugby league team;
  • Members of Gold Coast United A-League soccer team;
  • Gold Coast & Queensland junior representative soccer players;
  • Members of the Southport Sharks Premiers AFL team;
  • Members of the Tweed Seagulls & Burleigh Bears Queensland Cup rugby league teams;
  • Members of Gold Coast Breakers rugby union team.

Athletes That Have Used Our Service Include:

Frequently Asked Questions

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