Who is our Consultancy service for?

Our Consultancy service is perfect for any sporting club (professional/amateur) or individual athlete that wants to improve their performance.  It is also extremely beneficial for strength & conditioning coaches, personal trainers and exercise physiologists who want advice on how to excel in their chosen field.  With Joseph lecturing at numerous national and international conferences/courses (e.g. Filex Conference (AU), ASCA Conference and Level One & Two Courses (AU), UKSCA Conference (UK), Fitex Conference (NZ)), his work for numerous different national sporting organisations within the Chinese Olympic committee and having been invited to inspect and/or consult for many sporting organisations (e.g. England Institute of Sport, Sydney Roosters, Sydney Swans, Auckland Blues) over the last 5 years, he has been at the forefront of rehabilitation and strength & conditioning theory and practice.  As such Joseph can assist current sporting club staff or individual athletes in a number of roles to enhance the clubs or individual athletes outcomes.

How has this service been used in the past?

This service has been used in a number of ways:

  • analysis of sports medicine and strength & conditioning staff roles and practices within a sporting club
  • program design for a sporting club’s full season
  • implementation of meaningful tests & statistics relevant to athlete’s performance
  • diet and supplementation modifications based on full blood examination (FBE, e/LFT, TFTs etc.), organic acid, amino acid and other functional tests
  • implementation of Active Release Techniques work on athletes
  • program set up and design advice for personal trainers and strength & conditioning coaches
  • exercise progression and implementation for personal trainers and strength & conditioning coaches

Who has used the service?

Besides individual athletes, that have been listed on other pages, a number of organisations have used Joseph in a consultancy or contractor role.

There have also been a significant number of personal trainers, strength & conditioning coaches and physiotherapists that have used Joseph as a consultant.

Joseph has been part of the teaching staff for the Australian Strength & Conditioning Association’s Level One & Two Strength & Conditioning courses.   He has lectured at the Australian Strength & Conditioning Association’s annual conference, United Kingdom’s Strength & Conditioning Association’s annual conference, Filex (Australia’s national health & fitness national conference) and Fitex (NZ’s health & fitness national conference).

If you would like to learn more about how Joseph can help you or your organisation, please contact us here.