Our fat loss service is divided into two parts: i) nutrition and ii) training.   Because fat loss is highly dependent on an exact combination of diet & training, we recommend you complete personal training or Crossfit Caesar training squad sessions alongside regular nutrition consultations or a nutrition plan.

Our training staff are all university qualified and hold accreditation with a number of organizations including the Australian Strength & Conditioning Association, Poliquin International Certification Program, Functional Movement Screen and Crossfit.  Our nutrition staff also hold accreditation with Poliquin Biosignature and the International Society of Sports Nutrition.

Personal training for fat loss is a specific strength and conditioning training program that is tailored to your needs. The exercise physiologist or S&C coach supervising you makes sure your form, tempo (exercise speed of execution), amount of weight used, rest periods and technique are all correct. They also ensure that you are exercising at the appropriate intensity for your level of training, specific needs and experience.

Because fat loss is highly dependent on the right combination and amount of diet & training, we highly recommended that you complete at least 12 weeks of personal training tailored to your specific fat loss needs (i.e injury risk, experience) with us. By completing this training, your body will be leaner, healthier, stronger and more resistant to injury. If you have less experience with strength & conditioning or require more supervision/motivation in your fitness, this is the best option for you.


Our Crossfit Caesar training squad is a lower budget alternative to the personal training.  It combines elements of conditioning, Olympic lifting, strongman training, and gymnastics.  The only differences between personal training and CrossFit training is that your program is not individualised for your specific fat loss needs and all CrossFit Caesar squad members work from a varied program each day.  There are also more trainees in the CrossFit sessions.

We offer training and nutrition services for anyone looking to compete in body composition sports. Our coaches are trained in rehabilitation techniques meaning you will be less likely to incur any injuries while in training and will be able to train right through your preparation (which is essential). Your training and nutrition will be designed to shred fat while maintaining as much lean body mass as possible.

The training program will be created based on your training history, injury risk and other commitments in mind. It is guaranteed to get you in the best possible condition for your particular body composition class (i.e. bikini, fitness, figure or body-builder). Before we design your program we will conduct an assessment that includes the Functional Movement Screen at a fee of 80.

Our training fees can be found here and range depending on the number of sessions that you would like to participate in each week.

View the Nutrition Programs tab for more details on custom nutrition plans to compliment your training program.

We provide a tailored nutritional program that is specifically designed for you, to suit your individual needs and requirements. The program will assist you in achieving your goals whether they are to reduce body fat, improve health and fitness or prep for a body composition sport (i.e. bikini, fitness, figure or body-builder). We will work with you to include the foods you like to eat (clean foods, of course) and make the experience enjoyable and sustainable. Also included in your plan is supplementation information and recommendations to suit your nutritional plan.

Before we can complete your plan we require an initial naturopathic consultation (fee of 90) to complete a questionnaire, naturopath, blood glucose, pH and body fat assessment to determine your lean body mass and personal nutritional needs. If you are not able to come into the office to complete skin-folds you can complete the questionnaire and return if via email with three photos (front, side, back) and a body composition analysis (skin-folds, biosignature or other measuring devices). The key to monitor your success is to use the same body composition analysis for all follow ups. No matter your goals we recommend follow up appointments in 2-4 week intervals to keep track of your progress and provide nutritional updates as required.

Nutritional Program Fees:

  • Initial Nutritional Plan 330
  • Nutrition Updates 165
  • Naturopath consultations including body composition analysis Initial 90 Follow Up 80

We offer further nutrition testing options such as full blood chemistry analysis, urinary metabolic profile and IgG/IgA food sensitivities panel. To find out more about these services please contact us.


Some of the people we have worked with

Our fat loss training programs have worked for Australian champion sports & bikini models, Australian celebrities, magazine models (including covers) and countless people who want to feel better about themselves.

Frequently Asked Questions

View all of our Frequently Asked Questions here or contact us on info@coynesportsinjuryclinic.com.au and we will help them as soon as we are able.