Allied Health Consultations

Chiropractic & Exercise Physiology – Initial Assessment: 150 Subsequent Consultation: 80

Naturopathy – Initial Assessment: 90 Subsequent Consultation: 80

All attendances in this clinic are regarded as clinical appointments.

Failure to advise us of your inability to attend prior to the appointment time will result in a $50 fee for all bookings. Failure to advise of your need to change an appointment within 24 hours of the appointment time will result in a $15 administration fee. Exceptional circumstances will of course be given due consideration.

This clinic does not facilitate accounts and payment for all services is expected on the day of or prior to the services being delivered. A $10 administration fee will be charged if accounts have to be sent out for clinical reasons or processed at a later date.

Personal Training

Personal Training: 60+GST per session

Sessions run for 45 to 75 minutes depending on program.  One coach may look after up to two clients at any one time.  See Schedule for available time slots or contact us here.

24 Hour Change/Cancellation Policy – Failure to cancel or change a personal training session with our administration staff within 24 hours of that session will result in that session being forfeited.  This means that if you have booked a time, but do not attend without notifying us 24 hours beforehand, you will lose that session. Training sessions WILL NOT be carried forward. Exceptional circumstances will of course be given due consideration. Bookings, changes & cancellations can be made either in person at the facility, or through our member portal.  A 50/month administration fee is charged for all training dues paid by non-direct debit (e.g. EFTpos, bank transfer) unless payment is for 12 months.